Manners & Beyond

Customized training plans that are tailored for you and your dog


Before you bring your puppy or dog home

There's so much to consider when bringing home a new pet. Book a consultation to help you set up and prepare for your new family member.

  • What to buy: toys, treats, collars, leashes, harnesses, etc
  • Setting up for effective house-training
  • Exercise needs
  • Introducing a collar and leash
  • What to talk to your veterinarian about

Basic Manners

Teaching your dog manners and obedience is the key to creating a conflict-free life together. When you work with us, your dog will learn not only to be a polite member of  your family but you will be proud to show him off to others. Plus, you'll have fun teaching your dog to behave.

Whether you want your dog to be reliably house trained, walk politely on a leash, or to sit quietly at the door when guests arrive, we can help. Let us show you how you can use everyday activities as training opportunities, and stop bad behavior from developing--or becoming worse.  And while we're at it, we can even teach your old --or new-- dog a few tricks! 

Behavior Problems & Solutions

Sometimes the littlest things seem overwhelming for dogs and they act out in ways that don't make sense to us. We can help you understand what's going on with your dog. And together we will create a safe and calm environment where you can work on issues like barking, reactivity, lunging on leashes, and shyness so you and your dog can enjoy being together out in the world.

We will create a detailed program for you and your family so you can help your dog behave appropriately in different situations.  

Contact  us to set up a session.

Pricing and fees vary depending on many factors and will be discussed after we decide how best to move forward.